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Scan the VIN, beat the competition!

The first and the best: the AutoScan VIN barcode scanners identify the vehicle; get the parts right; and speed up service. After 4 years and over 4,000,000 scans the results are in.

Our customers have found that:

  • 95% of cars serviced have a scannable VIN barcode.
  • 97% of VINs scanned are successfully decoded
  • Windshields are not a problem, and
  • Less than 3% of units sold have been repaired due to damage or abuse

Our competitors may tell you VIN scanners are not for you…. maybe VIN scanners are not for them?

Ours Work! They're easy to use! They're fast! They're reliable!

With AutoScan you can:

  • AutoScanScan the VIN barcode (located on the door jam or windshield of the vehicle)
  • Instantly decode the VIN to give you the year, make model and engine and get the right parts every time. No more guesswork (and fewer claims).
  • Greet your customers by name, review their service history, including the last oil type used, and sell more services-right as they drive up!
  • Automatically create a work order on your computer complete with your parts manufactures' exact parts for that vehicle, severe service recommendations and lubrication specifications from the vehicles manufacturer, and your customer's service history with your company.
  • And, no longer have to use license plates to identify your customers. No more mixed up or missing customer histories due to bad typing, and no more hassles when all new license plates are issued.

AutoScan Deluxe Video Demo

Introducing the VIN Grabber!

AutoScanNow there is a second VIN scanner to choose from. The VIN Grabber is our latest VIN scanning tool. It has the rock solid VIN decoding performance of AutoScan minus a few of the bells and whistles. This affordable unit makes VIN scanning possible for any shop regardless of car count.