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Get the power you need to run your wash more efficiently with Pos-i-Wash, Auto Data's Windows based point-of-sale forged from the tried and true point-of-sale technology it has been perfecting for over 26 years. Because we were able to leverage so much of our existing POS technology, we are proud to offer Pos-i-Wash software for only $3,495 along with an affordable software update & support plan. Complete with time clock, powerful reporting, cash drawer and inventory control, Pos-i-Wash is the first truly affordable POS solution for the car wash industry. While it may not initially have every feature you desire, Pos-i-Wash will be aggressively developed to meet the needs of its users. With valuable input from our customers, we will strive to make Pos-i-Wash the most reliable, intuitive, and best supported software solution in the industry.


Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

The secret to Pos-i-Wash's speed and ease-of-use is its one-screen functionality at the point-of-sale combined with Touch Screen support. The pull-down menus and intuitive design keep you from getting lost or tangled up in the system. The last thing you need, when trying to impress your customer is to be scratching your head trying to figure out how to cash something out on the computer. No one can rival the interface we have developed. With as little as just an hour of training you and your employees can be cashing out customers with speed and confidence!

Inventory Control for Your Lobby

Know where you stand with real time inventory control and reporting. Manage services, coupons, pricing and costs, add and delete part numbers, implement packages and promotions, track new shipments and make inventory adjustments. It's all quick and easy, and unlike our competitors, our adaptive automatic parts reordering is based on actual sales instead of static reorder levels so you'll never have too little stock on hand…or too much.


Powerful Sales Reports

Powerful, flexible, timely sales and inventory reports give you the status of your operation at all times, helping you make better business decisions.

More Features

  • Touch Screen
    Transactions are now faster and easier than ever with an available Touch Screen interface.
  • Solid State CPUs
    Pos-i-Wash runs on Windows. You can provide your own hardware, or use our solid state PC, which protects your system against hard drive failures that plague weaker computers. The solid state PC uses Windows XPe, an embedded version of Windows that locks down the system, protecting you from viruses and unauthorized downloads. Read more about our hardware options
  • Tunnel Logic Controller Interface
    Prevent unauthorized washes and keep tabs on your tunnel activity with two-way ethernet communications between Pos-i-Wash and Tunnel Logic.  Unlike many of our competitors, we do not charge you extra to interface to our own tunnel controller. It comes standard. Read more about Tunnel Logic
  • Retail Bar Code Scanner
    Pos-i-Wash comes with built in support to scan Lobby items for ultra-quick and error free transactions.
  • House/Fleet Account Management
    Set up individualized fleet account rules, so customized pop-up windows appear in the point-of-sale. This forces your cashiers to process fleet transactions properly, ensuring prompt payment and saving you time and headaches.
  • Thermal Car Wash Receipt Printer
    Fast, professional receipt printing that is affordable to opertate and easy to maintain.
  • Share Customer Data
    Your customers' wash history is automatically shared between all your stores with AutoPoll.NET. Read more about AutoPoll.NET
  • Integrated Time Clock
    Track employee punch-in and punch-out times from your point of sale. Daily time reports can be printed as well as historical reports for any date range.
  • Converting to Pos-i-Wash is easy!
    If you already have a system and are considering a switch, we can convert records in your existing customer database to the Pos-i-Wash system. Your data will stay intact making your transition to Pos-i-Wash easier than ever.
  • Enterprise Control Manager (Add On Option)
    If you're operating multiple locations, you can integrate Pos-i-Wash with Enterprise Control Manager, which puts accounting, sales, and inventory management where they should be—your back office. Your back office staff manages data so your shop employees can stay focused on your customers and their vehicles. Read more about Enterprise Control Manager
  • QuickBooks Integration (Add On Option)
    QBLink is Auto Data's optional one of a kind one-click interface to QuickBooks Pro® accounting software. This is hands down the easiest and most powerful way to transfer your General Ledger and Accounts Receivable data from POS-Wash into QuickBooks Pro without a keystroke. Click one button and you are done. Read more about QBLink
  • Credit Card Clearing (Add On Option)
    Utilizing your high speed internet connection you will be processing credit card transactions in 2-3 seconds.  This indispensible option will eliminate errors while speeding up your service at the same time.  Supports our optional debit key pad so you can save on transaction fees while offering more flexibility to your customers.